Resurrection Week: Thursday

Thursday, One Day before Calvary
Mark 14:28, “But after I have been raised, I will go before you to Galilee.” Our Lord is facing the most poignant season of His life. In mere hours he will conduct the Last Supper, agonize through His intercession in the Garden of Gethsemane, be betrayed by one whom He loved, compelled into the mockery of a trial and led away to face the horrors of crucifixion. In all this Jesus had an incredible vision of the future. “After I have been raised…” What faith! What vision! What power of focus! He was enabled to endure His today because He knew tomorrow.
I’ve often admired those who appear to have an innate ability to endure through painful circumstances. From where does that enduring quality come? What is it that empowers one to overcome while another crumbles? Our Lord gives us both the answer and an example. Besides the under girding of the Holy Spirit there was within Him an unswerving faith that though he was to be crucified HE WOULD BE RAISED! In other words, His Father was in control. He knew it. He proclaimed it in faith and with that in mind and heart He endured the crucible.
My friend, take heart, believe in God. He is in control. You can be certain and able to say as Jesus said, “But after I have been raised, I will go…”
Dear Father, I give this day to you. You know the end from the beginning, I do not. You created it. You hold it in your hands. Keep me strong in faith today. Keep me trusting in You. My faith is in you Lord, not in the things this world has to offer. My faith is in You. Be glorified in my life today.
Your Child,
Be blessed today folks,
In His grip of Grace,
Pastor Ken

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