Resurrection Week Thoughts: Wednesday

Wednesday… Two days before Calvary… She had done what she could. She has come beforehand to anoint My body for burial. Mark 14:6

All Mary had was her personal perfume. With this she anointed the body of Jesus. Incensed by what they judged a waste, the religious leaders criticized her sharply. “You should have given it to the poor,” they said. But she did what she could.
Pure, surrendered and broken love is an affront to anything less genuine. Unfortunately it seems to be the propensity of man to gravitate to appearance rather than reality. I was recently talking to my son about a dive excursion. When he took me up on my offer and began to actually put it on the calendar I found myself waffling on the idea. “I think I may like to talk about getting into cold water more than doing it.” I replied. That brief revelation exposed the depth of my commitment. (But that is for another day.)
I guess the real question is one of surrender and abandon. Mary didn’t just talk, she did. It’s not that she did a big thing, she did what she could. And that was enough.

Lord Jesus, We pray that this day be a day of abandoned love for you. Give us grace to risk it all, give it all and do what we can for you.

With a thankful heart,
Your child

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